Ongoing Monthly Support for Technology

When you’re growing your business, especially during growth phases, you need to be able to focus on your strengths, and while you’re filling your pipeline and perfecting your offers, having someone on hand to help you manage the technology can be very useful.

I’ve built and operated online systems of all kinds for many years, and am available to help YOU look like the smooth operating professional you are. (And teach you how it’s done!)

You can book monthly packages of 10, 15 and 20 hours for each month to manage the techy things you don’t want to touch.

What is available?

  • Funnel Setup
  • Webinar Registration Infrastructure
  • Webinar Moderation
  • Email Sequence Setup
  • Blog and Website Updating and Maintenance
  • Affiliate Management
  • Course or Membership infrastructure

If you need something not on the list, feel free to ask! I’ll let you know if something is beyond my abilities. 😉


Everything starts with a call to discuss what exactly it is you need. (If you purchased first, this call will not count as part of your hours block!)

Once we know what we’re doing, we’ll create a schedule of what is going to be happening when so that we’re on the same page. Then, we work!

Who is This Kind of Service For?

  • People who KNOW their strategy – but don’t like or really understand the tech.
  • People who are working with a coach or strategist, are in a program helping them decide what they need and when, or are super clear on what they want. This isn’t coaching. I am delighted to recommend tools and services, and optimize everything you’ve got going on – but this is not strategy or coaching.
  • People who are going to be able to tolerate me teaching them how these things work if they don’t already know.

If I hate you, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for hours worked, and no refunds for unused hours. I am pretty confident you’re not going to hate me, however, and if you would feel comfortable talking to a reference or two, just say the word!

If I don’t need all the hours in the block, can they roll-over?

No, hour blocks must be used each month – 30 days from the point of purchase. If you’re not sure how to fill the time – I’ll tell you!

When Can we Start?

As soon as you book a block of hours!

What’s the one AMAZING thing you haven’t told me yet?

I’m so glad you asked. As I execute on this work for you, I’ll be creating procedures of how it all works – these will be YOURS, so if you ever want to take things over yourself, bring the work in-house, or we need to end our arrangement for any other reason, you will have everything you need for someone else to step right in.



How does this sound?

If you want someone to step in and take your technology frustrations away, either go on and book a block of hours, or schedule a call with me to chat about what exactly you’re looking for, and if I can help you.

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Technology Support Packages