The Very Beginning: Installing a WordPress Blog 

Watch the Video to see the entire process you will go through to connect your domain and hosting account, install wordpress and create a new email address.

When prompted, enter the password: WordPress

If you don’t like watching video tutorials – no problem! You can download the PDF instructions to print out and follow along with step by step.

Got Questions About the Technology?

Head over to the Newbie Academy Facebook Group to ask whatever is on your mind! Anything you’ve got on your mind – tech fails, not sure what to do next – there are NO silly questions. 🙂 I’m in there at least once a day, answering whatever comes up!

Want to chat in person?

No problem – you can book a time with me on clarity! I can usually jump on Skype with you within about a day during the week, so don’t be shy! Request a call, and we’ll schedule a time to get whatever you need sorted!

Newbie Academy on Clarity

Don’t want to DIY it?

That’s cool, I hear that. I have some options for people who want a little more hands-on help over in the Services section!

Learn about DFY Options, Weekly Drop-in Live Q and A’s and my personal favourite – Website Walkthroughs – where we build YOUR site together!

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