Get It Done and Get Back To Work!

What is a Done For You Website setup?

Essentially, we talk about what you need in a site, and I put the basic pieces together for you, connect the parts that need to talk together, and hand it back for you to customize. This can be a great time-saver for a busy entrepreneur, and let you focus on your content and strategy!

In a DFY Website Setup you get:

  • WordPress Installed on your hosting
  • An Admin email address created
  • A theme of your choosing installed
  • Up to 4 Plugins of your choosing installed
  • Integration with your Email Auto-Responder
  • Up to 5 pages created
  • A video explaining how to use all of the above
  • 2 weeks email support.

After you purchase a Done For You Website Setup, we will schedule a time for a quick 15-20 minute Skype call so we can talk about exactly what you’re looking for, what you already have in place and what you need.

Then I will send you a list of what you need to sign up for / acquire for me to be able to construct your site.

Once you forward me the information about how to access your hosting, email service provider and any special themes or plugins you decided on, I will start building the infrastructure of your site. Turnaround is usually 1 week from the time I receive the materials from you.

You also get 14 days of email support  (starting after I deliver your site back to you!) for the inevitable (it IS inevitable – it even happens to me!) little issues that come up as you start to make changes.

A Done For You is not:

  • Custom designed. I am not a designer – this is why we use awesome WordPress themes to give you a site that looks and works beautifully.
  • Out-of-the-box ready to roll. You will have to create and add your content. This is important because it’s YOUR home on the internet – and you need to know how it works.

Who is a Done For You Setup For?

  •  Online Business Owners who are GREAT at what they do – but not that techy.
  • People who are BUSY and just don’t have time right now – but want to be able to learn eventually.
  • People who are comfortable with their content and servies, but don’t entirely know what they need in terms of a site.

When can we do it?

Right now, I am booking 1-2 weeks in advance. By the end of our call, you’ll have a website that you can keep working on and launch with!

Do you have any guarantees?

This is a service that requires time – and that we do together! I do guarantee that:

  • You will have a functioning website that you can customize and then use to grow your business.
  • I will be there to support you for 14 days if you run into any difficulties or issues!


How does this sound?

If you want the bones of your website assembled for you, so that you can focus on your content and your business, get a Done For You Site today!