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If you have ever felt lost in technology, then Newbie Academy is for you. Tech can be one of the BIGGEST hangups for new online business owners, and can prevent you from getting your message to the world.

Stop worrying about your technology, and take control of it! Quickly, easily and one single step at a time.

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Simple, Step-by-Step instructions for the EXACT technologies you need to build and grow your business.


Taking things one step at a time, and tackling ONE chunk of technology at a go is the surest way to make progress – without breaking things!


Sometimes, instructions that you can print out and follow along makes the difference between staying on track and getting lost!


When you break things down into smaller parts, they can cost less – making the exact training you need affordable and on-demand.


Clear direction and confidence with technology is the piece of the puzzle that too many entrepreneurs are missing – fill the gap!

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